Bosatlas kaart 66 (48ste druk 1976)

This will be basically our trip: From the north to the south what the Dutch atlas named as “East Europe”. In 1976 it would have been crossing the borders of 6 countries, In 2016 we will pass by 12 or 13 countries, some of them without borders. It will be strange to travel in the opposite way of many refugees. Europe in history had a lot of people being chased. And the most prosperate places always have been the places where they welcomed the refugees and invited them to participate in their culture. I adore Europe, every 500 km there is another architecture style, another language, local food culture. And this diversity makes that Europeans in general are not afraid of differences, they feel curiosity, not fear. The same time Europe also has its destructive part of history, After world war II the European union has been trying to unite Europe. Unfortunately just for gaining more money and to let persons outside of her borders.

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