Rainy Helsinki

Yesterday the sunset in Helsinki was beautiful. That was a good welcome, but during the night it started to rain. And it kept on going until this morning. And then horrible traffic jam (yesterday just trams and bikes but…), visiting the tourist information office to get to know what to do when it rains, and then to the camping to finally take a shower once more.

At the picture you see us for the 1st time using the ‘sun screen’, but to protect from the rain and gain some extra m2…

Then it was time to take the metro and visit the city museum.





Then walking in the rain to the museum but…


So too much water also for the museum!!

Then change of plans: taking the tram nr 3 around the city center and having dinner at the ‘hipster district’. Let’s see if tomorrow we can ride bicycles! 🙂

Helsinki is a real tram and bike city!



2 thoughts on “Rainy Helsinki

    • Hoi Cor en Marijke!
      Nice to meet you and of course we will follow your blog, now we go to cycle in Helsinki, we hope it stays dry. Enjoy your European coast!!!
      Best, hesp

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