HESP cycling in Saint Petersburg

Cycling yourself as an adult is something totally different to cycle together with your children. And in a Russian city with no infrastructure at all for the bikes… but as you can see from the other posts many people cycle in Saint Petersburg, so we had to try it!


Something we are curious about is that children are difficult to see in Saint Petersburg. And of course no child cycling!

We rented 4 folding bikes that were quite light (so nice to cope with all the barriers we would find…).


Rivers in towns are really nice but the existing infrastructure in Saint Petersburg is just thinking of cars. When following the Neva river we had to carry our bikes many times throughout not very clear and unsafe routes…

So, we started following the easiest routes for the bikes (quiet and quite nice), but it was already disappointing because of the lack of connection.





We were looking for some geocachings but then we passed through Saint Peter and Saint Paul church, the island where the city started.



DSC_0099And then a classical music concert was about to begin, so we stayed.


Together with the music they passed images from the 2nd world war (that for Russian it’s from 1941 to 1945).



After that we could test how unconfortable is cycling along the sidewalks when they are really crowded but also how dangerous is cycling on the road with the non-calm-at-all motorized vehicles. We have some experience in cycling all the family in some streets from Barcelona… 😛

We tried to keep Hanna and Erik protected by the adults, but I was at the back filming all the time and I had to shout several times watching what the cars were doing or planning to do. And somehow scary…

The films cycling in Helsinki and Saint Petersburg will come other time (I guess it might be difficult to understand, but I don’t have time to edit, I even don’t have time for myself!). But here some pictures of cycling mixed with traffic.



I have to admit that I was happy we did not have any incident!

But as you can see Erik and Hanna love the risk 🙂




2 thoughts on “HESP cycling in Saint Petersburg

  1. Te has estrenado con los mensajes! Bienvenida al blog 🙂
    Mañana si no llueve volveremos a alquilar bicis, pero en un entorno mucho más tranquilo…

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