Entrying Belarus!

As P said in some other post, we are not welcome in Belarus (well, paying too much money), so our trip has a d-tour through Poland. But we still wanted to visit Belarus! So we have come to the oldest forest in Europe, called Bialowieza, which is located between Poland (a small part of 100 km2) and Belarus (1.800 km2), and where the Bison bonasus live (European bisontis). And from here we’ve got the permit to cycle to… Belarus!! So today we are crossing the border, visiting the ‘Slavic Santa Claus’: Ded Moroz, and back to the EU.

We have been told to follow the tracks (not entrying the forest), we’ve got permission only for that…

I’m somehow disappointed because the Lonely Planet did not mention this possibility.

And… yesterday night I started my book from Svetlana Alexiévich about Chernobyl and the 1st I read is the picture you see above. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Entrying Belarus!

  1. Hola sobrinos que tal ese viaje fantástico, espero que sigáis estupendos intente hablar ,no pude, tu madre me tiene informada un abrazo para los cuatro ,

    • Hola tía! Seguimos todos bien, llueve a menudo y es un poco rollo pero qué se va hacer! Hoy entraremos a Ucrania, de nuevo vamos con retraso en el blog… Un abrazo!!

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