And then Moldova

So now we are in Romania and I look back at three nights in Moldova. Perfect landscapes, the people we met were nice, some very nice breakfast in a lovely place… But then…

We slept twice in a very luxurious bungalow park because we did not find a camping or relaxed place to sleep. The expensive cars on the roads were very aggressive. The roads were or a six-lane or a road without asphalt, but indicated as a main road. Basically Moldova for me was not… Europe. Too much difference between the rich and the poor. The poor really poor, inclusive the horses we saw were a lot skinnier than the horses in Romania.

In some nice village we really liked the houses, but all of them had fences and it was a closed line for over 2 km without any entrance to the river that we supposed at the back of the houses. And then we saw a fence open with a nice horse that we gave some fresh grass… until we realised that they put the front legs of the horse together so it only could move 5 cm at a step. And the old witch that looked after the horse got angry that we gave it some grass.

This is the horse with the front legs between chains 🙁


I am not saying that Moldovans are animal haters. Simply we did not find our places to stay, we were impressed by the landscape but the villages did not have history, nice houses, and it may sound stupid but the first village in Roumania all the fences were nicely painted, whether the Moldovan fences were without any colour. And just outside of a village we passed by a trash dump in the middle of the mountain. And finally the people at the bungalow park and the guys in the big cars looked at us making us feel less then them because our cloths and car does not meet their standards and they would never ever sleep in a car.

We met some nice people, but also the guy that showed us the wines told us that a lot of people leave because of poverty and also corruption does not give any option to the people in this country. So maybe we should have given this country more time, but a country where the first president was an ex-police officer and that gave a lot of power to a corrupt police corps cannot be a perfect place to be….

We made a lot of nice and bucolic pictures of the animals in the small villages…

Many things we saw made us think of our time in Mexico.

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