Bungalows in Moldova

A last post about Moldova to mention the ‘bungalows parks’ where we slept, trying to find a ‘camping’.

Once more, as in Ukraine, the ‘camping’ concept is not implemented in Moldova. But there are some ‘lux’ bungalow parks, that probably just a few of Moldovan people can afford. We payed the equivalent to 50 euros in the 1st one close to Chisinau, with swimming pool, and 70 euros for the 2nd one near the border to Romania (this second including the breakfast).










4 thoughts on “Bungalows in Moldova

  1. Hi! I landed on your web after searching for bungalows in Moldova. Pictures look great, could you please tell me where were the two “camping” places and could you give me their names? Thank you very much!

    • Hi Ainhoa!
      We could not find ‘campings’ as we are used to, but both bungalow parks were good (though too luxurious for us…).
      The one with the pool is located near Chisinau, it’s called ‘Sky Land Camping & Resort’.
      And the other one is near the Romanian border entering via Iasu, it’s called ‘Bahmut Club’.
      Prices per night were around 50€ for the 1st and 70€ for the 2nd, for 4 people and including breakfast.
      It was a strange feeling because just a few Moldovan people could afford it…
      Enjoy your trip!!

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