In Ocna de Fier we met Luci and Sorina. They were just passing by Cipi’s place, saw our VW T3 and were curious about it. Luci is the one at the picture from 1998 placed next to Patrick (look at the post from Ocna de Fier 🙂 ). Sorina and Luci invited us to pass their place in Resita and so we did.

Resita is the 1st place where I saw Patrick, we crossed in a hotel corridor. Marta and I were just arriving from the train station (long trip from Bucharest), Patrick saw my guitar and asked for it. We could not talk anymore until the next day because the people from the organisation had put us in some other room. So I stayed without my guitar until the next day. 😛

I don’t think we can say Resita is a ‘beautiful’ town, but it has some charm. It’s now less than 100.000 inhabitants, but it used to be bigger. Resita is an industrial town, iron and steel center, and it’s the place where the 1st locomotives from Romania were built.

Luci and Sorina had a bbq (and delicious guts soup!) with some friends and they invited us to sleep there, make some laundry… the next day Luci went with Patrick to get some oil for the bus and also to find a charger for the reflex camera (we lost somewhere the charger…) They succeeded but the charger is not really working… 🙁 (so sorry about the pictures!)

Sorina and Luci have a great family of dogs… Bruno, Tara, Nero, Cesar and ‘Petita’ (5 dogs!), and a baby is coming soon. 🙂
















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