Starting the bus…

I did not want to talk about technical and or mechanical problems during the trip, because one could have the idea that travelling with an old bus is all day being worried about the bus.

But already before leaving we had a strange problem and the mechanics could not find the solution: when the bus was hot after two hours driving or more, it did not start anymore. I had a trick that worked without knowing why. Taking away the power a moment from the start motor and then putting the power back. But: it meant to take out everything from the back side of the bus.

With Kees, that travelled from Barcelona to the Netherlands, we talked hours about what could be the source of the problem (because we had to take out and put in ALL his stuff 8 times in two days).

Then in Deventer I went to a mechanic to put new tyres and then they detected some problems. But about my hot motor problem and my trick he did not understand either. So I asked the VW forums. NO answers! Finally I made a switch with some cables from the motor. We already called it the magic switch. But the plastic got melting down and we had already the third version of this switch and everyday it cost more and more to start the engine.

Yesterday after taking gas-oil with a very hot motor the van did not start.

I managed to start it but the guy said that at some 500 meter is a mechanic and you can buy a new switch.

We went there, explained the problem, they said you need an electric wizard. We know one. The called him, he was at the beach, but 40 minutes later he came with his two sons. He looked at every cable in and fuse in the motor and in the front. Everything was ok. He could not find anything. Then he stopped, came back to ask exactly about the sounds that the car makes, and had a very simple and successful theory about the origin of the problem.

The positive born of the battery was not working well. He changed that.

I was a bit sceptical, because of course if it’s solved it can only be tested after two hours of driving… But… That was it!



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