Stephan and our tap

Yesterday morning we met Stephan, our German neighbour in the camping. Heidi and Stephan are now retired and they love travelling. He has been shepherd for almost 25 years, what meant that he could not leave his farm for more than 3 days in a row. But before he had travelled a lot and now he wants to do it again.

This winter he wants to come to Andalusia for 2 months (he has discovered that nice weather is good for his arthritis 🙂 ), and for the next year they are planning a 6 months trip through Russia. Wow!

But this post is basically to tell Stephan that… you repaired our tap!

It had broken but he put some silicone and today Patrick could fix it back 🙂 So thank you very much!!!

You can see some pictures of his ‘camper’ (a real truck!). He has a workshop place that is bigger than our van 😛

And here you can check their blog about their trips but also about their farm (it’s possible to sleep there too).

Hof Schwarzes Moor und Big Blue

Maybe someday we pass you by… in the meantime we hope to see you in Barcelona in your way to Andalusia and show you how it has changed during the last 35 years 😀

And take care of your foot! (he had a bike accident a few days ago… bikes, always bikes :P)


20160814_121027 20160814_121009

20160814_121033 20160815_100959


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