VW T3 lovers

Today we got up next to Julio from Sevilla and his T3, after a ‘Bulgarian wine night’ with 2 freaks talking about T3 (of course!), but also about what had happened in Balcans 25 years ago…

Erik loves his back side 😛


5 thoughts on “VW T3 lovers

  1. Freaks? I like it! We spent a lovely evening, nice breakfast and a relaxing swin after it…As I told u when u left I slept a little siesta…when I woke up ( aruond 14.00) there were hundreds of people!!! I went to the Village to fix my little problem with electricity. …I stopped in a garage and they did it for free ( but estaba quemado Patrick lo de alante. ..) Todo genial !

    • Lucky you! Since we are parents we don’t know the meaning of siesta anymore… While we were going back to the parking already saw many people going down, some of them in burka 🙁
      Good for your van! We hope to join you soon to visit Morocco!! Big hug 🙂

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