Hanna, Erik, Silvia and Patrick, a family with a goal: visit all countries of Europe.

We like Europe. Coming from Spain and the Netherlands, we met in Romania. We are amazed about Europe’s nature, and we adore that every 500 km Europeans use a different language, have a different building style, change the diet, Also every 500 km the landscape changes. Usually we travel with our 1986 Volkswagen T3 Westfalia Joker with the high roof. So we are able to sleep wherever we want and we travel slowly.

We like our car, but we are all convinced cyclists in our day to day life. And we think that all cities should be car-free.

This web tries to relate our experiences and show some photos of this year’s trip and slideshows of past trips. Organised by authors, themes and countries. Click on the names to get more specific information about each one of us.

We like feedback!  Twitter, Facebook or smoke signals. Hope you get inspired by our high speed slow travelling!