Patrick (Deventer, 1971), Knowledge Engineer, currently unemployed after managing Recibaix for a long time. Adores wasting time consuming books (reading kurt Vonnegut JR), consuming Music (listening to dEUS or Lou Barlow) and seeing all kind of stuff on the internet. Bad chess-player, football player, card game player, flute player. Thought he was a good photographer until he met Silvia. Being Dutch gives him the idea that he can always organise things in a better way. Learned to improvise in Spain. Organisations were he has been active:

Peace (workcamps)

Nature (Badgers)

Ecological Food 

Also has his platforms, but hardly uses them…





Ex Hippy, Ex vegetarian, Ex grunge, Ex lo-fi, Ex informatic, Ex manager, Ex long hair in three stages. Seems in the middle of his mid-life crisis.